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Chawton Hector comprises a team of highly skilled and experienced chartered accountants. We love the stuff you hate. The numbers.

Managed Payroll Services

Whether you have one employee or many, Chawton Hector provides a fully managed payroll solution tailor made to suit your needs.

Business Planning

We’ll work with you, as your trusted advisor, analysing your financial figures to develop a strategic, achievable business plan.

Tax Advice

Our role is to analyse every relevant aspect of your business and work out the best way to manage your tax matters and help you plan it's implementation.

Tax for Landlords

We help landlords and property owners to pay the minimum legal amount of Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

Tax Planning for Contractors

Life as a contractor can be challenging in so many ways. We’re just the people to hold your hand through the maze that is Tax Planning for Contractors.

Aerospace, Business Services, Creatives, Agriculture, Distribution and … Hinckley Point

The Aerospace industry and Advanced Engineering companies are prominent throughout the region.  Yeovil draws upon a large pool of skilled engineers, developing new export products.

Somerset’s natural affinity with Bristol and Bath makes it particularly attractive to the business services industry.  Over 31,600 people work in this sector, with Taunton showing tremendous growth during the past decade.

For centuries, Somerset has inspired writers of great literature.  Could this be responsible for the growth in Somerset’s creative sector?  Last year, the county’s small businesses contributed over £314 million to the economy.

Supporting Businesses Success in Somerset

Somerset is a historic and prosperous county.  Although Bristol is just outside the county boundary, there is a vibrant synergy between the county and England’s sixth most populous city.

The region’s economy is mixed, comprising agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.  And it’s an economy that’s growing fast – across many indicators, easily outstripping the national average.

Somerset is a great place to do business.  There are hundreds of small business success stories, along with the prospect of strong financial returns and the chance to collaborate with world-class companies.

Of course agriculture plays a massive part too, with more farmers and food producers than any other part of the UK.  Somerset’s food and drink industry is now worth more than £500 million.

Great distribution links are key to Somerset’s economic success.  With modern airports, road and rail links, Somerset businesses are perfectly placed to serve both a local and international market.

Nuclear power has been featuring prominently in the news recently.  Companies will be investing at least £18 billion in the new Hinckley Point power plant.  The project will provide well over 5,000 jobs during its construction phase and more than 900 jobs throughout the life of the plant.

Renewable energies are expanding too, with over 100 businesses specialising in everything from solar power to anaerobic digesters.

With our base in Bristol, Chawton Hector is ideally placed to support businesses in Somerset and beyond to flourish.


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