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Chawton Hector comprises a team of highly skilled and experienced chartered accountants. We love the stuff you hate. The numbers.

Managed Payroll Services

Whether you have one employee or many, Chawton Hector provides a fully managed payroll solution tailor made to suit your needs.

Business Planning

We’ll work with you, as your trusted advisor, analysing your financial figures to develop a strategic, achievable business plan.

Tax Advice

Our role is to analyse every relevant aspect of your business and work out the best way to manage your tax matters and help you plan it's implementation.

Tax for Landlords

We help landlords and property owners to pay the minimum legal amount of Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

Tax Planning for Contractors

Life as a contractor can be challenging in so many ways. We’re just the people to hold your hand through the maze that is Tax Planning for Contractors.

Supporting Businesses Success in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is the fastest growing area in the country, recently crowned ‘The most enterprising county in Britain’.  With an economy that contributes over £15 billion to the national pot, expected to reach £20 billion by 2021, Northamptonshire is a great place to do business.

Northamptonshire has so much to love – a rich history and a fantastic heritage, theatre to rival the West End, amazing music 365 days a year, three professional sports teams and a great array of pubs, clubs, restaurants and more.

Northamptonshire is in the very heart of England and offers something for everyone who lives, works or visits the county.

Well connected

Northamptonshire is a great centre for distribution.  Located right at the heart of England, Northamptonshire has fantastic rail and road connections and 5 international airports within 90 minutes’ drive.

High performance technology

With Silverstone in the south of the county, Northamptonshire is the UK home of Formula 1, making it the No. 1 destination for the High Performance Technology (HPT) sector.  There are over 1,500 HPT companies, employing well over 21,000 people and contributing in excess of £2bn to the local economy.

Food and drink manufacturing

Northamptonshire is a leading centre for food and drink manufacturing and supply.  It is the home to global brands, such as Weetabix, Coca Cola Schweppes and Carlsberg.


Northamptonshire is renowned too for its educational offering.  The University of Northampton has developed a worldwide reputation for its Business School and its social enterprise studies.


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